Understanding of NodeJS Async functions


Having a good understanding of NodeJS Async functions is key to writing basic NodeJS applications. This post is my understanding of asynchronous functions while using NodeJS. This is not a starter tutorial But talks about some best practices and tips for writing some code. One of those reflections of my learnings.   MYTHS of NODEJS ASYNC First, let us kill all the myth surrounding NodeJS Async...

Recovering Bash and login to proxmox LXC


I have an issue with not knowing when my brain gets tired. The only way to know is when I start making the silly mistakes. One such mistake is I lost the bash shell and got locked out of my main web host container. This post is on recovering bash and login back into the container. Situation – Background I am a sucker for fancy, but usable UI. Zsh has been my main shell on my development mac...

Prelaunch WordPress checklist – Performance and Security


Before launching any website, its always good to have a proper checklist. This post is the checklist, which I use before the launch of any web application. I have fine tuned this one for WordPress based websites. So let’s call it WordPress checklist. The focus, as usual, is performance and security. WordPress checklist – Performance Factors pagespeed – score 95+...

Improve Pagespeed – Achieve 100/100 for a WordPress site


Site speed is critical for Google SEO settings. But that is only a secondary reason. Losing customer due to slow loading times is more the primary issue. Half a decade ago, PageRank was the buzzword. Now it’s Pagespeed. There are a lot of best practices talked about everywhere on the web. This post focuses on how to improve Pagespeed of a WordPress website, this journal in particular...

Custom Nginx CLI project – Focus on Security and Performance


Every time, I set up a server, I tend to replicate my activities. Clearly, this is not right. Especially for me, who keep evangelising automation to my customers. Also coding is not my day job and hence time is important. So I started writing this project. Find the project on my GitHub. The project is known as Kaapi (Yes the same filter coffee from south India). Will keep updating on each of...

Setting up a dedicated server Part 2 : Proxmox 5 + ZFS + Shorewall +Open VPN


This is in continuation of part 1 of “Setting up a dedicated server”. In this part, the focus is on Installing Shorewall. Configuring Proxmox guests and Installing OpenVPN Why Shorewall? First things that must come to mind, when securing a system is the firewall. Not that a firewall would secure the system against hacking, but it’s the basic bare minimum security, which is...

Progressive commercialisation of R&D efforts


This is a cross-post from my original LinkedIn article. Commercialisation or monetisation of IP/R&D efforts is the ‘key’ word in the world of research. Unfortunately, it is often associated only with the long-term technology strategy of organisationS. It only remains as a lagging indicator for the success of the R&D investments. While many organisations have the NPI processes...

Setting up a dedicated server Part 1 : Proxmox 5 + ZFS + Shorewall +Open VPN


UPDATE: Part 2 has been updated. Keeping the spirit of the Journal, I believe, it’s appropriate to document every bit of learning. So starting up a multi-part series on setting up a new dedicated server with I what need for all my little technical experiments. While the world is moving towards cloud and VPS, I like to have more control over what I set up as my environment. Most important...

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