Prelaunch WordPress checklist – Performance and Security


Before launching any website, its always good to have a proper checklist. This post is the checklist, which I use before the launch of any web application. I have fine tuned this one for WordPress based websites. So let’s call it WordPress checklist. The focus, as usual, is performance and security. WordPress checklist – Performance Factors gtmatrix.com pagespeed – score 95+...

Custom Nginx CLI project – Focus on Security and Performance


Every time, I set up a server, I tend to replicate my activities. Clearly, this is not right. Especially for me, who keep evangelising automation to my customers. Also coding is not my day job and hence time is important. So I started writing this project. Find the project on my GitHub. The project is known as Kaapi (Yes the same filter coffee from south India). Will keep updating on each of...

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