Understanding of NodeJS Async functions


Having a good understanding of NodeJS Async functions is key to writing basic NodeJS applications. This post is my understanding of asynchronous functions while using NodeJS. This is not a starter tutorial But talks about some best practices and tips for writing some code. One of those reflections of my learnings.   MYTHS of NODEJS ASYNC First, let us kill all the myth surrounding NodeJS Async...

Recovering Bash and login to proxmox LXC


I have an issue with not knowing when my brain gets tired. The only way to know is when I start making the silly mistakes. One such mistake is I lost the bash shell and got locked out of my main web host container. This post is on recovering bash and login back into the container. Situation – Background I am a sucker for fancy, but usable UI. Zsh has been my main shell on my development mac...

Micromanagement – What is it good for?


Reading this post shared by Mr Oleg Vishnepolsky on Linkedin made me thinking about micromanagement. The reflection is this post. One of the hats I wear in my organisation is technology consultant. This role gives me the opportunity to interact with many managers and their subordinates across different organisations and in different geographies. Culture is one of the topics I invariably tend to...

Start of a New Journal


Going by the tradition, It is expected to be hello world… While not the first post, it’s one of the first after a long break. I believe, its ideal, that I show it in C language. Whether its Go or Javascript or Python or Perl, whatever I try to write code on, you still can’t beat the transparency of C language. Others may be evolved, But C is pure at the core. You could visualise...

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