Setting up a dedicated server Part 2 : Proxmox 5 + ZFS + Shorewall +Open VPN


This is in continuation of part 1 of “Setting up a dedicated server”. In this part, the focus is on Installing Shorewall. Configuring Proxmox guests and Installing OpenVPN Why Shorewall? First things that must come to mind, when securing a system is the firewall. Not that a firewall would secure the system against hacking, but it’s the basic bare minimum security, which is...

Setting up a dedicated server Part 1 : Proxmox 5 + ZFS + Shorewall +Open VPN


UPDATE: Part 2 has been updated. Keeping the spirit of the Journal, I believe, it’s appropriate to document every bit of learning. So starting up a multi-part series on setting up a new dedicated server with I what need for all my little technical experiments. While the world is moving towards cloud and VPS, I like to have more control over what I set up as my environment. Most important...


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